"Running is the greatest metaphor for life, because you get out of it what you put into it." - Oprah Winfrey

Galloway Training Delray

Is running a marathon or half marathon on your bucket list but you wonder if you can actually do it? Have you tried to train for a long distance event, but found that your training was derailed by injuries? Have you trained by yourself in the past, but found that getting motivated - especially on long run days - is difficult? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, Galloway Training Delray can help you.

Galloway Training Delray is directed by Megan Steinebach. She is assisted by a team of experienced Pace Group Leaders (PGLs) who are very familiar with Jeff Galloway’s training philosophy. The PGLs along with Megan help lead weekly runs, are available to answer questions and to provide support during the training season.

Our weekly training runs are held on Saturdays and always start at Delray Beach Running Company! Our training runs cover various segments of the world-famous Atlantic Avenue and Delray Beach with amazing palm trees and views near the beach. We also try to attend as many local races as possible that fit within our training schedule.

Because we're in Sunny Humid South Florida, in an effort to beat the heat we usually start at 6:00 a.m. (Summer hours to beat the SFL Heat start at 5:30am usually from July to end of August) Bring your water bottle - we'll keep you hydrated on our runs with fluid stations along the way.

Why Run-Walk-Run

Every runner, no matter what their ability, can begin to train for a marathon by taking regular, frequent walk breaks. The frequency of the walk breaks, and the pace of running, are calibrated to your current running level - even elite runners benefit from incorporating walk breaks into their running strategy.

Who is Jeff Galloway?

Jeff Galloway is a former Olympian and founder of the Galloway Marathon Training Programs. For nearly 40 years, Galloway has trained over 250,000 ordinary people to run marathons.

His program focuses on a progressively longer weekend run done with walk breaks, very low overall mileage, and walk breaks taken during marathon races.

Jeff is the author of top-selling running books in North America, Galloway's Book on Running and Marathon, You Can Do It! Jeff is also a special contributor for Runner's World magazine.

Jeff serves as an inspirational speaker at more than 200 running and fitness event yearly. He also owns Phidippides, a running store in Atlanta, Georgia.

For more information about Jeff and his current projects, visit his website at jeffgalloway.com

2016 Events

Races: Nov (Training starts Full: 6/1 and Half 7/16)

Target Race - Space Coast/RNR Savannah

Races: Dec (Training starts Full: 6/1 and Half 7/16)

Target Race - Palm Bch Marathon/JG 13.1/Double G/Virtual JG 13.1

Races: Feb (Training starts Full: 7/16 and Half 10/1)

Target Race - Donna/A1A Marathon

(Complete a Half in Nov and Full in Feb) Membership (Training starts: 7/16)

Register and sign up here on Active.com

Plenty of clinics and demos already lined up as well for this group at the DBRC. Participants receive a wicking shirt, ebook, and medal as well as 50% off a Running School by Jeff Galloway in Delray.

All 2016 programs have group runs at 6am (Summer hours to beat the SFL Heat start at 5:30am from usually July to end of August) Saturdays at the Delray Beach Running Company starting on June 11. The Jeff Galloway training approach is suitable for all levels and all ages! We focus on achieving your goal distance, injury free while having fun and building fitness. Bring a friend and join us for one of our Saturday morning weekly group runs (first session is free) and experience great camaraderie, effective training and lots of support.

What to Expect the First Few Weeks

Our season kick-off begins with a pace evaluation to get you placed into the correct pace group for the training season.

Any adjustments to your pace group will be made during these first few weeks. If your initial assigned group pace is too difficult, we will move you to the next easier group. If you find yourself pulling ahead of your group, we will move you to the next most difficult group to match your abilities. After 2-3 weeks, most runners have settled into their groups and are moving towards longer distances in their weekly runs.

During weekdays, you run on your own following the training schedule that we provide to you or join a group run with the DBRC and Program Leader.

The group meets on Saturdays for our weekly training run. Our weekly trainings increase every week, until we complete the schedule. Throughout the weekly training run, we will take regular walk breaks at a frequency based on your assigned pace group.

After about 4 weeks, we introduce some speed work into some of the weekly training runs for our veteran runners. Speed work is generally not recommended for first time marathoners. However, depending on your fitness level, speed work could make sense for you.

Why Galloway Delray?

Knowledgeable Leaders. Our leaders are assigned to groups. They are veteran marathoners, veterans of our program, and we have a Certified Running Coach. They lead your weekly run, answer your questions and encourage you as you train.

Camaraderie and Lots of Support - A Place Where Everybody Knows Your Name. Between our pace groups and our pace group leaders, we've put a network in place to help keep you motivated and accountable. You'll make new friends and know everyone's name.

Email Access to Jeff Galloway. Any member can email Jeff directly with questions - he will respond!

Information Seminars. Throughout the season we'll offer seminars on proper attire, hydration and nutrition.

Group Social Events. We celebrate the end of a successful season with an end of season party. Our pace groups often become like families, getting together for breakfast, weekly runs or other social events from time to time.

Interested in learning more? Contact us for details or sign up for our next training season.